Unclaimed property
The provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec have regulations surrounding unclaimed property. Unclaimed property includes securities, mutual fund units and cash. Annually, at a minimum, we will attempt to contact clients regarding their account(s). Should we become aware the client is unreachable, the client will be added to a list of unclaimed property accounts. A client will be deemed unreachable in the following circumstances:
  • A communication or cheque has been returned to Solium as “undeliverable”
  • A communication that has been sent to a client requesting action be taken by a specified date is not actioned
  • A cheque sent to a client has not been cashed
  • The value of the unclaimed property is $250 or more for clients residing in Alberta
  • The value of the unclaimed property is $50 or more for clients residing in British Columbia
  • Any value of unclaimed property for clients residing in Quebec
  If you were a resident of one of these provinces and believe you may have unclaimed property with us, you may request a search of our database by contacting us via mail or email at the address below. Please ensure you include the following information:
  • Your name and current mailing address
  • Your previous mailing address that would match our records
  • Details regarding the unclaimed property; approximate value, account number, type of account and assets, approximate date and any additional details you can provide
You will be required to provide documentation to validate your status as the owner, heir or assignee of the account. You may also be required to provide documentation to allow us to confirm your identity. Mail: Solium Financial Unclaimed Property 1500, 600 3 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P0G5 Email: support@soliumfinancial.com Toll-free: 1.888.680.7634