Products & Pricing


  • Registered accounts (RRSPs, RESPs, RRIFs) and TFSAs
  • Equities
  • Exchange-traded funds


Online rates

Investor Asset Investor1 Active Investor2
1,000 shares or fewer, or a trade value of $2,000.00 or less $17.95 $9.95 $9.95
1,001 shares or more with a share price of $1.00 or less 1% of trade value ($17.95 minimum, $225.00 maximum) $9.95 $9.95
1,001 shares or more with a share price of $1.01 or greater $0.02 per share ($17.95 minimum, $225.00 maximum) $9.95 $9.95

Telephone rates

Investor Asset Investor1 Active Investor2
Equities Investor online rate + $10.00 for broker assistance Asset Investor online rate + $10.00 for broker assistance Active Investor online rate + $10.00 for broker assistance
  1. To qualify as an Asset Investor, you must have an account value of $50,000.00 or greater.
  2. To qualify as an Active Investor, you must have completed 20 trades in the previous 3 months.
  • The above transaction pricing does not include market, routing, ECN and SEC fees that may be charged.
  • Full commission charges apply for each partial fill except when transacted on the same business day.
  • Multiple orders on the same stock, same exchange, same side of the market and same day may be combined, but commissions will not be abridged; a separate commission charge will be applied to each trade.
  • U.S. dollar trades placed in a Canadian dollar (or Canadian dollar trades placed in a U.S. dollar) denominated account are subject to the current foreign exchange rate at the time the orders are executed. Foreign exchange rates will differ for buys and sells.
  • Commissions on U.S. dollar transactions are charged in U.S. dollars
Discharge fee $150.00 per discharge
Security registration (not including 3rd party charges) $225.00 per security
Legend removal (plus out-of-pocket costs) $150.00 per security
Certificate Return Fee* $70.00
Full account transfers $150.00 per account
Partial account transfers $75.00 per request
Wire transfers $30.00 per transfer (domestic) $60.00 per transfer (international)
Cheque Issuance $10.00 per cheque
EFT Free
NSF cheques and EFT returns/rejects $35.00 per transaction
Stop payment $30.00 per request
Full deregistrations $100.00 per request
Partial deregistrations $75.00 per request
Charitable Donation of Securities in Kind $70.00 per request
Ineligible fund custody (per security) $15.00 per month
Swap fee (per security) $35.00
Unscheduled RRIF withdrawal $45.00 per security
Estate fee $250 per account
Unclaimed Property Fee $200 per account
RRSP mortgages (plus 3rd party fees)
Set-up fee $275.00 per setup
Annual administration fee $275.00 per year
Renewal fee $150.00 per renewal
CCPC holdings in RRSP $125.00 (one time, plus 3rd party fees) $75.00 per position per account per annum thereafter
Annual account fees
$15,000.00 or more No fee
$15,000.00 or less $50.00 per year
RIF/LIF/LIRA $50.00 per year
RESP $50.00 per year
TFSA $25.00 per year
  • Certificate return fee does not include re-issuance and courier costs, which may cost up to $300.00
  • Fees are subject to applicable HST or GST.